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About John Abbott

My Father died when I was 6 years old, leaving my mother a widow with 3 young children. When he died at 28, he had NO life insurance, so we had NO money!

My mom had to quickly get a job to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Oh yeah, we MOVED out of our house into an apartment.

Life is NOT fair! Not only did I NOT grow up with a father, we had NO money, I was a short, shy, skinny kid, and we lived in apartments and EVERY time they RAISED the RENT, we had to move! Raise the RENT, time to MOVE! I hated that! Life is NOT fair!

I could have been a VICTIM all my life. I could have "bought into" the "Poverty Consciousness," the "Never enough" mentality. But I didn't!

I KNEW there had to be a better way! Even as a young man, I attended an Entrepreneur Trade show. I started learning about the principles of

business: of profit and Loss. I started reading motivational books.

But being Motivated and Positive is NOT enough! You have to have a VEHICLE to get your from where you ARE to where you want to BE! Just like your car can take you from home to work and back again everyday, you need a VEHICLE to take you from "NOT ENOUGH" to "MORE THAN ENOUGH!" To live in ABUNDANCE!

Today, I am living my DREAMS! And I can show YOU how YOU can live YOUR DREAMS! And you can START to live your dreams TODAY!

That's why we call it Abundant Living TODAY!